Welcome to everyone!

We're dark, but don't give up all hope when you enter. That was Dante, in the Inferno. This is now. In Burbank, California. Sometimes it's an inferno here, too.

You can go various places from this page, according to what interests you. There are a couple of blog links (travel--including prize-winning photographs taken with my own courageous, unflinching eye--sunsets and what-not--courageous, unflinching op-ed pieces, stuff you'll want to peruse, I'm sure), photographs, music links, and student materials that include lecture notes on Music in the Twentieth Century and the Bible as Literature, not to mention bibliographies, syllabi and delectable information on grammar and writing. Yum yum.

And you can, ahem, purchase photographs or CDs if you're so minded. They make a great investment. Why, my syllabi alone are likely to fetch great prices on Ebay.

My original thought was to be "Harry Smallenburg Unplugged" on this site, but it was pointed out that if I were really unplugged, I would have no site at all, and you would be tangled in paradox and contradiction from the outset, exploring nothing.


Onward. Pick a link.