Things ALL students should have...

Linked below are general reading lists, my grammar hit list, and essay writing tips for all occasions. If you are NOT a PCC or Art Center student but find these items helpful, please drop me a note and let me know. I'm always interested in getting feedback and suggestions. Everyone is welcome! If you use this information in your own research, please cite appropriately.

My General Reading List - There is life after college--keep your brain alive! Don't stop reading just because you graduate!

The Grammar Hit List - Those little errors you've always heard about, but didn't necessarily know how to fix.

Tips on Summarizing an Article - The essential information and how to present it.

Strategies for Introductions and Conclusions - The techniques used by professional writers - you can use them too!

A Chronology of Biblical Events and the Development of the Texts - Originally assembled for a Bible as Literature class, this timeline has worthwhile information for everyone interested in the Bible.

The Survival Guide to College Writing - Basic formats and strategies for developing an essay, including how to develop a thesis, keying your introduction to the organization, how to write a compelling introduction and strong conclusion, and how to make your writing "flow." A must-have for any college student, or anyone who wants to put their ideas in a clear and accessible form.

Why Your Grades Go Down - A handy summary of mistakes to avoid at all costs!